The Calm Before the Storming of the Castle (Part 4)

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Neo-Anarchist Podcast, Shadowrun

“Going by his prior schedule and recent intel, the impostor is going to go live again tomorrow. If we time this right, Opti can take back the Neo-Anarchist podcast live, in real time. So that’s the plan. Any questions?”  Joules looks around at the motley crew of assembled runners.

“Rainbowsmite forgot to mention this, again,” states an exasperated Zippy Toe-Tag. “If she goes down, don’t waste your mojo trying to get her up. You’ll fail and probably give yourself an aneurysm in the process. So, science only.”

“Oh yeah, good point.” Joules thinks a moment. “Yeah, also, if I can tag you,” she extends her arm and then for good measure extends her cyber spur, “your magic won’t work either. Sorry about that.”

“Wait, what?!” comes an angry yet melodious voice from the corner. “I don’t know if you’ve realized it, Sparklelord, but over half of those assembled here use magic of some sort.  What the frag is wrong with you? You’re going to get us all geeked.”

Joules lets out a frustrated sigh, as her hair shifts to a glimmering silver. “Vendetta, that’s not… Grrr…”  Joules takes a brief second to compose herself before speaking. “Pop quiz! What would happen to a magic barrier if someone like me and a dual natured puppy like Woofles here walked into it?”

“Usually it cracks or brea… Oh!” A dark smile crosses Vendetta Violent’s face. “Brutal.”

“Aww, thank you. I do try,” smiles Joules, hair shifting to a mix of pink and gold. “So, to sum up, my unique circle of influence is limited.  Just stay out of hugging range and you can fling all the manabolts ya want. Now, over to Eric for tonight’s special report.”

Eric da MAJ chuckles quietly before speaking.  “You all know this is Opti’s HQ, so let’s keep the collateral damage to a minimum, please?  No high explosives inside.” He looks deliberately at Dirtnap and Tomatoes. “Additionally, r00t is running coms for this op so let him know if you need anything specific. And lastly, Zippy and I were able weaponize some Stuffer Shack Nova Hot Soysiracha. I’d recommend using gloves and a respirator.  And I think that covers it. Good luck tomorrow.”

The group starts to disperse as the remaining streetlights flicker on.  Joules and Eric da MAJ wave Belker, Vendetta Violent, and Devil Duck over.

Joules face is uncharacteristically serious. “I need to show you the ingress point. You four are going for Opti, directly. Follow me.”  She leads them to a nondescript noodle shop, right next to Opti’s HQ. Entering the shop, she makes a beeline to a janitor’s closet.  “The access panel is right… about… here!” Joules pops a metal panel off the floor and lays it gently against the wall.  “Down we go.”

The all jump down and Joules starts heading down the tunnel.

“Hang on a sec, would you, Rainbowsmite?  Gimmie a sec to get a flashlight. I can’t see a fragging thing.” calls Devil Duck.

Joules freezes. “Whoops! I’m sorry, Devil Duck. I forgot,” she says sheepishly.

A high powered flashlight flicks on. “There we go. Lead on, Rainbowsmite.”

As the group heads down the tunnel, they being to hear the faint sound of power tools and electrical sparks; a faint light starts to fill the tunnel.

“It’s just a bit further” Joules says, walking a bit faster. “We’re almost there.”

As they reach the source of the noise, Joules calls out. “Drivey, Deadeye, how’s it going?”

“Evening, Rainbowsmite.” says Drivey. “We’re just about finished.  Deadeye’s almost done connecting it to the mainline.”  Deadeye doesn’t look up but nods from behind a gruesome skull shaped welding mask.

Belker, Vendetta Violent and Devil Duck survey the area.  “What’s all this, then?” asks Belker.

Eric looks up from inspecting Drivey and Deadeye’s work.  “It’s a portable battery power supply. The mag-lock on the front door is dead. This can power the mag-lock for about 15 minutes.” A smile crosses his face. “We originally thought about just blowing the wall, but decided against it since we’re not sure where they’re keeping Opti.  That and we settled on keeping collateral damage to a minimum.”

Joules points to a hatch on the ceiling. “That’s the entrance to the Crow’s nest.  As soon as the barrier drops, get to Opti. The rest of the crew will keep the rest of the runners occupied and the surrounding area on lock down.”

Belker raises an eye, skeptical. “How do you plan to coordinate all this?  Lots of this seems to rely on timing.”

Deadeye looks up from welding and points to a transceiver on the power supply. “It’s been rigged so that when impostor starts running his mouth, it turns on. Seems to be a decent, if annoying, go signal. That slotface is nothing if not predictable. It’ll work if all preparations are complete and we’re in place about an hour before he starts talking. Beats all that ‘synchronize our watches’ drek.”

Joules looks at Eric da MAJ and laughs brightly “I gotta agree.  Much better than the watch thing.”

Eric nods. “Works for me.”  He looks up at the hatch.  “Lets get back.  We need to track down a ladder.”

  1. Violent Life says:

    Just want to say, really enjoying this and am looking forward to the conclusion! (and that’s not just because Vendetta is in it!)

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