Girls and Boys Come Out to Play (Part 2)

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Neo-Anarchist Podcast, Shadowrun

The 3 runners arrive at a cluster of warehouses along a dead end street a few miles away from Opti’s HQ.  Zippy turns the car off and turns to the 2 runners sitting in the back seat.

“This isn’t the Ritz-Carlton, but it’s secure.  Well, as secure as you can get in bug city.”

“What do you mean ‘secure as you can get’?” asks Erik da MAJ, grabbing his duffle bag.

“Well, in the spirit of ‘La Costa Nostra,’ discretion is the first line of defense.  Usually achieved by secrecy or intimidation.  And here in Chi-Town, it’s always both and in that order,” Zippy replies, an impish gleam in his eye.

Zippy reaches into a pocket at waist level and pulls out a clear cube about the size of a lego with something embedded in it.  He exits the car, being careful not to slam the door, and gestures for Joules and Eric to follow.

“Grab all your gear and follow me, please. Be careful not to slam your door. We do have a schedule to keep but there’s no need to be reckless.”

Zippy walks to the end of street and turns right, heading down a narrow alley between two warehouses.  When Joules and Eric catch up with him, he’s pressing the cube against a sensor on the right warehouse’s security panel.

Zippy turns and puckishly addresses the runners . “Now, which way would you assume we went? Would you think we entered through this door, or the fire escape on the warehouse behind me.” He gestures to the door next to the security panel and cocks his head toward the warehouse behind him.

Joules points to the door and Eric gestures to the fire escape. Zippy smirks.

“Wrong again.” he says, giving his best Jeff Goldblum affectation. “The best tricks in history have always had an element of misdirection.”  He bends down and speaks into a small sphere embedded in the security panel,  “To the warrior who flays his skin, to find the golden self within.”

When he finishes speaking, a green light appears above the door next to the security panel.  Stroking his tusk thoughtfully, Zippy turns and walks away from the panel, toward the graffitied plastricrete wall at the end of the alley.

“Wait, what about…” begins Rainbowsmite, confused.

Zippy then puts both hands on the wall and pushes. A 6 meter by 6 meter section of the wall swings in shallowly, revealing a dimly lit hallway.  He nods his head toward the hallway, grinning.

“Come on. Don’t waste your time with the fake door. The security on it is very real.”

As he turns and beings walking down the hallway, Zippy calls out behind him.  “Eric, can you please check to see if the ward is still intact?  I haven’t been here in a while and I don’t have glo-wand on me.”

“Wiz setup you have here.” Eric says, catching up to Zippy “And to answer your question, your ward’s still solid.”

The trio continues down the hallway as door behind them scrapes shut.

“Oh drek.  Sorry Eric,” mutters Zippy. “I only have the bioluminesent floor lights.”

“Null Sweat. Don’t worry about it,” responds Eric.  “How much further, anyways?”

“Just down the stairs up ahead and we’ll be there.”


The room seems to come to life as the three enter.  LED strings installed around the perimeter of the room switch on, bathing everything in a harsh and sterile light.  In spite of the location and size, he hideout feels well organized and clean.  Labeled boxes of various patches and chems neatly row the walls.  Medical and surgical instruments, placed just so on various trays and tables, gleam.

“Well, make yourselves comfortable.  Let me grab you some synthahol.  We have” Zippy inspects each bottle, taking a brief whif from each. “We have mild green stuff and strong purple stuff.”

Eric drops his gear and stretches.  “Hey, Zippy.  Do you have a node or hard line?  I need to get a sitrep. And…”  He gestures to Joules, who is gleefully inspecting all the interesting medical equipment.  “Rainbowsmite needs to start organizing.”

Zippy laughs as Joules freezes in place and her hair turns jet black.  “There’s a hard line in the corner over there.  It leads to a node a couple of blocks away.”  He pours about 3 fingers of the green stuff into two glasses, looks at Joules’ terrified expression and grabs the bottle of the purple stuff.

Eric plugs in his comlink and begins reading.  His eyes widen as the big picture logistics sink in.  “Holy… That’s a lot of em,” he mutters.

Joules, paler than usual, takes the bottle from Zippy. “Thank ye.”  She opens it, takes a large drink and looks over at Eric. “Well, what’s the word?”

Eric unplugs from the hard line, grinning from ear to ear.  “We’ve got a fragging army, Joules.”

Zippy’s smiles mischievously. “Really? How delightful.”

Joules eyes narrow and her voice takes on a steel edge.  “Eric, I’m going to trust in your experience to organize everyone and get them ready.  Zippy, hit up UGEPlex.  He’s a data broker and the best around for information chaff.  Our actions will disappear in an information flood.  Tell him that Rainbowsmite is cashing in all her chits for this.”

She stands up, smiling as her hair turns back to bubblegum pink. “Time ta play!”

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  2. UGEplex says:

    Data Broker…lol. ♡ ^_^

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