Any Run You Can Walk Away From (Epilogue)

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Neo-Anarchist Podcast, Shadowrun
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“Enjoy your freedom. And if you can’t, call ol’ Opti for an extraction.”

Opti ends the broadcast with a grin that would make the Cheshire cat envious and begins tidying up the broadcast nest. As he ties up the bag of refuse, a perturbed Mr Pink comes in, carrying a small package and an colour changing envelope.

“Opti, I know she helped you out with Cassidy, DeForest and Gowan, but this weird, even for her,” gripes Mr Pink. “I mean honestly pen and paper? Don’t worry I had both items scanned and analyzed so they’re safe. But still, omae, that girl is…” He struggles for an accurate word, fails and decides to continue. “She pulled a few strings to make sure you got it.  I’m going to spend my cut on some Taéngelé.”

Mr Pink leaves the small package and envelope on the table and leaves the room, shaking his head.

Opti sets down the bag and opens the envelope, pulling out a few sheets of paper. He sits down and starts reading.

Dear Opti,
With Ares scanning every bit on the matrix searching for your name, I thought this would be the safest way to send you my report.  That and I rarely have a chance to use my Power Puff Girls stationary set.  🙂 So here’s the quick summary from those of us at the safehouse.  Cassidy, Gowan and DeForest made it out safe and sound.  My last contact with them had them landing safely and your predetermined location.  So that’s the good news.  Everyone made it out alive and safe.  Three cheers for team anarchy!
We have some unexpected news too. I think the boy has the spark. I’m guessing an adept. (I’ve gone toe to toe with enough X-Men to recognize a few things.)
Here’s what happened.  Ares sicced some kind of freaky insect human hybrid on us.  After frying the monster’s brain, 2 insect spirits came out of the body.  I’m not magically inclined so I don’t know how or why that happened. And it was incredibly gross!  Luckily the insect spirits were weak. One kind of de-rezed instantly as soon as it was within hugging distance. I’m used to that. You know, with me there’s two types of spirits, ‘LEG IT!’ and ‘Tag! You’re out’  However the second spirit targeted Cassidy and the kids. Gowan acted out of instinct, to defend his ma.  He was not only able to touch the spirit, but he bitchsmacked it with a force I’ve only seen in Hellboy comics. Now, I’ve heard of desperate people attempting to do the same thing, and succeeding. No magic required. But this seemed, I don’t know, not that?   So, do magic users have a sorting hat, gom-jabar, or some magical third thing to check what in the name of Freakazoid happened?
The extraction point was pretty secluded and I had the camera neutralizer on. But that has a limited range and I don’t know if there’s magical tracks that need to be covered.  Would me running around the area like a ferret on a double soykaff burning incense hide anything? I’m guessing probably not.
Seems that the Ares run caused a rise in imminent violence.  I wonder how that’s going to affect future biz?
Ah well, to quote a wise kung fu turtle from a long time ago “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” So I’ve included a present for you in the box, since we seem to be living in very interesting times, my friend.

Tips, Tricks and Extra Clips,
Joules “Rainbowsmite” Watts

Opti puts down the letter and opens the box.
Inside is a small bottle of Connemara Irish synth-whiskey and two spare clips. Each clip bears a sticker with a sledgehammer trailing a rainbow.


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